What makes amphibious V2.3 unique & powerful?
Multi Surface

Multi surface means cross platform accessibility. With this users don’t have to use a platform we like. Instead they can choose the one they like and they mostly familiarized with. At present we offer web, mobile, sms, ussd & app versions of the same system to cater various needs of the users based on their ICT literacy, age, education level & connectivity.


Multilingual means readability for anyone. At present we offer English, සිංහල, தமிழ், 切尔西, Français, हिन्दी, Italiano, Português, Pусский, 한국어/조선말, Španska, český, Беларускія, Suomi, Deutsch, ελληνικά, 日本国 and Svenska. This will provide the system user more localized experience improving the system usage while reducing resistance.

Sector Booking

Sector Booking means efficient use of all available resources. With this feature same seat can be booked by multiple passengers on different sectors. This is an advanced feature use in the airline industry and we have customized it to public transit reservations to improve the resources efficiency while improving service provider’s profitability.

Multi Currency

Multi-currency means business across the globe. With our online real time currency rate translator, system provides instant conversions based on the available most accurate data. This feature will provide a global reach to your business while providing your customers to trade online via your website using their very own currency.

User Profiles

User profiles means better experience. This user profile feature allows all system users, including passengers, ticketing staff, management staff & agents to create their own user profile to access different layers of data based on the user privileges. This will also provide a more customized user experience based on previous patterns & usage.

Location Management

Location management means traceability. With this system allows a better experience sharing location of the transport facility based on the access management. Ticketing & management staff can use this information to better manage all available resources and achieve operational excellence, while passengers can save their time on road.

Top Level Security

Top level security means peace in mind. Our system data security specialists continuously improve the system security with the best available technology. Encryption, retrieving methodologies and authentication methods plays a major role in this. Additionally, our automated system trace can find any suspicious activities within the system as it happens.

Future Proof

Future proof means saving time & money. The system is developed based on component based architecture and our system development team continuously improves the product with latest available technology to be the cutting edge technology product provider in the market place. So simply our product will not get older and obsolete.

Automated Payments

Automated payments means hassle free cash-less transactions. With this you can transform your business to the next stage, while all automated transactions will happen online-real-time and do the business for you. This feature can be integrated to agent commissions, supplier payments, passenger ticket sales revenue management & staff commissions.

Agent Management

Agent management means more sales at a lesser operational cost. Amphibious has its own agent management solution that can be integrated to its own base product. With this you will be able to handle all financial transactions, commissions, new registration & removal related to the whole agent network via a simple one window administration panel.

Customizable Reports

Customizable reports means 100% flexibility in data representation. A custom report is a report that you create. You pick the dimensions and metrics and decide how they should be displayed. With our report generation engine now you can create any template you like, super-fast. If you need repetitive reports you can use report scheduler as well.

Real Time Notifications

Real time notifications mean power of information. The system comes with a powerful messenger which can send emails, SMS based on the customized event triggers and any automated security alerts. This will allow the users to be informed, even if they are not using the system regularly, and take immediate actions on any operational issues.

Cancellation & Refunds

Cancellations & refunds mean providing room for uncertainties faced by suppliers as well as passengers. This will include travel schedule cancellation as well as reservation cancellation along with cash refunds, credit card refunds, debit card refunds, mobile cash refunds and issuing cash cards to be used in a future journey.

Discount Management

Discount management means managing happy customers & additional demand. Amphibious fully automated discount & offer management rule executor can solve more complex offer combinations with the speed of 10000 rules per millisecond. Further, it can manage any additional services demand with intelligent traffic distributor, integrated.

Complaint Management

Complaint management means making an unhappy customer, a repeat customer. This complaint management solution can be integrated to passenger call center or a third party complaint management service to provide an efficient and effective service to the end customers. Additionally, the same service can be used to manage supplier complaints.

Power Search

Power search means information on your finger tip. This feature combines the system user with back end data services via the most powerful data retrieval application to date. With this you can improve your service level, allowing authorized users to access sensitive data in an instance for a better operation flow and smooth passenger service.

Gate Services

Gate services mean smooth transfers. With this public transport companies can provide ticketing and gate transfers for any long distance passenger service while improving the comfort & dependability. Further, this allows more efficient use of all available transport facilities with the pre-planned passenger capacities and scientific dispatch times.

Operations Management

Operations management means smooth working flow. This is a focused feature for service providers and related third parties to ensure smooth working flow. This also includes basic ticketing staff management tool & a transport facility staff management tool. With this, service provider can ensure effective working flow with lesser dependencies.

Analysis & Big Data

Analysis & big data means converting data into information. The top management can take more effective decisions with readily available accurate information. With the system architecture the back end data base can be easily connected to a third party analyzing tools or any leading big data handing modules, with no developments.

Multiple Payment Methods

Multiple payment methods mean customer convenience. System architecture will allow simple integration for any payment method including paypal, bank payment gateways, mobile cash, google wallet or direct cash payments at ticket offices or agent offices. This will allow passengers to pay via the method they are more comfortable with.

Amphibious API

Amphibious API means quick and simple integrations for any third party service or application. This will allow authorized third parties to access data layers within the system in a more structured & secured way or communicate with the system online and real time without interrupting any operations or work flows, while updating any related data.

Dynamic Scheduling

Dynamic scheduling means made for Asian markets. The service provider can add/edit schedules, add/edit transport facilities, add/edit transport facility staff, add/edit ticking and/or other support staff related to service online-real-time, to provide smooth work flow covering any operations issues in the ground level.

Services Expandability

Service expandability means availability for everyone. With our intelligent traffic distributor we monitor services traffic around the clock and allow the system to grow along with the traffic with intelligent server management mechanisms. In simple we are managing traffic more efficiently to ensure better passenger experience and enhanced revenues to service providers.

Journey Planner

Journey planner means getting most out of the available information. With this service passengers can identify the most suitable service to them based on the mode of transport, travel class, cost, user ratings, traffic conditions, service level, distance, total time to travel transit waiting times and number of transits.

Have you ever been waiting for a late bus, and all of a sudden two or three buses arrive at the same time? That's called bus bunching. Bus bunching happens because, if a bus gets delayed, then there will be more people waiting at the next stop than anticipated. The extra passengers' boarding time makes the bus even later, and so on in a vicious cycle. To combat bus bunching, bus sytems have to build slack into the system, but that slack involves extra buses and labor and longer travel times.


Amphibious 2.3

Online affordable booking & reservation software
It puts you a step ahead of competition.

Amphibious 2.3 is a modular, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) which orchestrate various business processes in providing its full functionalities. The loosely coupled nature of the SOA allows Amphibious to be configured and scaled easily to accommodate the expected growth of the services planned & aggregated with following special features including Ticketing & gate services, Transferring & tour management, Booking & reservation services, Tracking & monitoring facilities, Analysis & big data handling. Amphibious 2.3 consists of many state-of-the-art unique features that offer business performance monitoring & management, system performance enhancements, marketing of products, ubiquitous computing and many more. The underlying Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) protocol which forms the transport layer of the SOA is a lightweight protocol suitable for use over the web as opposed to the other distributed computing technologies such as CORBA, RMI, and DCOM. The preferred SOAP toolkit used by Amphibious is JaxWS.

  • Passenger Satisfaction

    Passenger satisfaction is our key to success. This allow us to generate more sales to the service providers which keep them happy.

  • Referral Sales

    Most of our sales goes through referrals. Which means most of our customers are confident with the solution we provided.

  • System Usage

    We have above the average system usage at every implementation with our unique user experience. and that's our specialty.


Right people with right attitude at right places!
Nathan Sivagananathan
Executive Chairman & Managing Director
Mr. Sivagananathan passed out from University of Herfordshire as an Engineering Management graduate and completed his higher education in University of Harvard and Colombia Business School. Additionally he is a part of multiple corporate social responsibility projects and charity projects as a founder & trustee.
Chullaka Hapuarachchi
Executive Director
Mr. Hapuarachchi is a graduate of the University of London in Information Systems & Management with a second-class honors upper division qualification. He has 10 years of experience as SAP consultant for attune consulting of MAS Holdings. Mr. Hapuarachchi is an environmental activist.
Gehan Dias
Executive Advisor
Gehan is the former General Manager of MillenniumIT. Gehan has also worked with a number of startups and is on the Board of Crossbrand Investments, managing investments in the food service, agriculture and leisure sectors. Gehan has a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from University of Oxford.
Dinusha Kornkaduwa
Executive Director & COO
Appointed as the Chief Operating Officer of Express 418 (Private) Limited on 26th January 2015, Mr. Dinusha Kornkaduwa joined the company in 2014 as a member of founding management team, and has functioned in the capacity of Chief Operating Officer since 2015.


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